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About Perch

Perch came about when founder Akriti Kochar moved back to India from Singapore. Having completed a degree from Raffles University, Singapore, she was trying to find an outlet where she could invest her time and efforts and also love her job at the same time. Her first love, no doubt is animals. Being an active volunteer at 'Friendicos', New Delhi, her love and passion for animals come through in all her facets of work. Though volunteering is something that comes inherently to her, she was driven to find something that would satisfy her creative side. Akriti realized that there was a major gap in the Indian market for someone who loves sexy, comfortable, and affordable nightwear and loungewear. Thus 'Perch' was born in September 2015. 'Perch' epitomizes girls and young women who are driven, who have a purpose, who love what they do, and also take out time to 'perch' — relax, rejuvenate, and refresh themselves after a long day or week. Akriti best describes her 'Perch' feeling as a vibe when you can lounge in with your girlfriends and have a wine night, or cuddle with your pet (or boyfriend ;)). In an effort to remain environmentally conscious, 'Perch' believes in the use of 100% Organic Cotton Poplin, which not only feels great against your skin but also leaves the environment pollution free.

'Once upon a long time ago'

Once upon a time, an old witch with a spindle cursed a princess of a land far far away to fall asleep for a long time. The princess had only one thought filling her head as she fell in her deep sleep, "this can't be happening! I'm not dressed for bedtime." Dressing up like princesses isn't always easy, but is always a lot of fun. At Perch, we take care of all your moods and want you to snug like a bug in the coziest night gear. So if no pants are the best pants then 'My boy plays polo' and 'midnight hearts' are highly recommended. If fun prints give you a good sleep then make way for flamingos, butterflies, lorikeets and hopping bunnies from the animal kingdom. If the combination of lace and satin stirs up your dreams, we have an array of flirtatious sleepwear to choose from. We do not merely make sleepwear at Perch, we infuse comfort, crochet love, and weave dreams of a perchy tomorrow. Call Akriti Kochar, the founder and our very own fairy god mother, if you wish to craft reality out of your dreams. She moved back to India from Singapore after having completed a degree from Raffles University, Singapore. While she was looking for ways to stimulate her creative energies she espied the dearth of sexy, comfortable and affordable nightwear/ loungewear in the Indian market. It was then that Akriti decided to fill the gap and to sway her magic wand and rid the damsels in distress.